Why Choose Home Care?

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The word ‘home’ conjures feelings of warmth and family. In times of great stress, sickness, and anxiety, there is a need to be taken cared of. And at the same time, nothing is more reassuring than being at home. Thankfully, modern medicine allows a lot of services to be delivered to the patient in the comfort of his or her own house.

In the event that you or your loved one should require additional medical, nursing, and/or social care, why should you consider home care?

  1. It can keep the person needing care independent, promoting self-esteem and a sense of well-being and capability.

  2. Institutionalization, for example in a nursing home, can be prevented or postponed.

  3. People have more freedom and comfort at home, given that they are more familiar with the environment.

  4. The person needing care can spend time with family and friends, enabling healing.

  5. This will also teach other members of the family to help in caring for the person in need. Increased understanding of the care involved will aid in participation, cooperation, and compliance with the health care team.

  6. Home care can reduce costs (e.g. food, board expenses), versus staying in a nursing home or hospitalization.

  7. There is a greater degree of flexibility and personalization of care. Home care workers are trained professionals, and because their attention will be on the patient, there is more individualized care. Also, with Likas Nursing and Home Care Services, you get a personalized care plan adaptable to your needs.

  8. All these can result in reduced stress for both the patient and family caregivers, boosting morale and speeding up recovery.

Not all persons in need of care can opt for home care services. Consult with your physician caregivers before to make sure this is the best possible care for you or your loved one. You can also set up an appointment with us today via this form or via phone at 778-772-8026 or 604-754-8781.

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