Taking Blood Pressure

Hypertension in the Elderly

A recommended therapeutic target of <150/90 for elderly patients may seem too lax, but this supports the finding that a lot of these patients are taking too many medications for blood pressure without additional benefits in morbidity reduction. Instead, this adds unnecessary cost, compounds the risk for medication errors, and can result in adverse effects such as orthostatic hypotension.

Elderly Man Keeping Active

Tips for Taking Care of the Elderly During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even though the novel coronavirus is a health risk for everyone, most studies now show that the elderly population is more at risk. This is likely due to a weaker immune system and the presence of comorbidities. Some of our older loved ones have remained either isolated in nursing facilities or in their own homes, while some have been sent back to relatives for care due to the coronavirus outbreak. Wherever your loved one is, here are a few tips to help you care for them during this pandemic.

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Why Choose Home Care?

The word ‘home’ conjures feelings of warmth and family. In times of great stress, sickness, and anxiety, there is a need to be taken cared of. And at the same time, nothing is more reassuring than being at home. Thankfully, modern medicine allows a lot of services to be delivered to the patient in the comfort of his or her own house.