7 Great Things You Didn’t Know About Aging

Elderly Man Thinking In Sun

Are you dreading old age? With all the downsides of aging you’ve heard about, I’m not surprised. However there are many benefits that only come with age. There is a reason for the “golden years” moniker. Find out below about the great things awaiting you as you age.

1. You stress a lot less

A lot less stress is waiting for you in your old age than you experienced while you were younger. According to the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America, older adults report being less stressed than younger generations.

2. You are happier and have a much better mood

Happiness does come with age, according to many studies. A 2008 Gallup poll showed that people report feeling happier as they age. You will also have a much better mood and greater capacity to regulate your emotions. This may be a contributing factor to greater happiness.

3. You sweat less

Another benefit of old age is less sweating. This is because the sweat glands become less sensitive and even shrink. Needing less deodorant and avoiding sweat circles on your clothes seems great. However watch out for heat waves as they will become more dangerous to you.

4. You have fewer migraines and headaches

The terrible migraines that you’ve been having in your younger years will decrease in frequency and then possibly even disappear altogether. At least the pain will disappear. You may instead experience migraines as visual or other sensory disturbances, but with little to no pain.

5. You have more experience and confidence

Your self-confidence will increase over the years as you become more knowledgeable and experienced in many facets of life. You can use this to excel at your career while you’re still working, or even to start a small business during your retirement. There are many ways to use these skills and experience to stay busy, as that has been shown to increase your lifespan.

6. You stay creative

You don’t loose your creative juices with age – to the contrary. Retirement may be an opportunity to explore the arts and creative hobbies you didn’t have time for when you were younger due to a demanding career and being a parent, for example. You could sign up for a painting or dance class or you can write novels or perhaps your memoirs.

7. You sleep better

Your sleep patterns will shift over the years. You will feel tired and sleepy earlier and will wake up earlier as well, just like a morning person. Despite this, you will sleep much better. I’m sure all the benefits mentioned earlier help with this, especially less stress and better mood.


Despite all the negative things that you’ve heard about aging, especially deteriorating health, there are still many benefits you will be able to enjoy. Which of these are you looking forward to the most? Are you making plans for your golden years? We at Likas Nursing and Home Care Services can help with your healthcare so that you can enjoy all the great things that come with age. Contact us today for your first consult with a registered nurse.

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