A Day in the Life of a Screener

Woman Screener Wearing Mask

If you have been following us on our Facebook page, we have posted there a job opening looking for screeners. You can read more about this job opportunity here.

You may be interested in this position and may have a few questions. To help you decide if this is a good fit for you, we’ve asked one of our screeners to share some of her insights.

What was your typical day working as a screener?

I usually started with stocking workspace, making sure that there were masks, sanitizer, and gloves for staff and visitors. Once they arrived, I ensured they maintained social distancing while waiting to be screened.

The screening process consisted of recording names, times, and locations of visitors and staff, followed by sanitation and appropriate PPE, and then asking about symptoms and taking temperatures.

At the end of the day, I would file away paperwork from the day (such as vaccination cards and timesheets), sanitize my workspace, and ensure that there was enough PPE for the following shift.

What did you like about your job?

I enjoyed the routine and the consistency of the job. I also enjoyed seeing how joyful families and residents were after reuniting with family!

Why do you think your job was important?

COVID-19 screening in a nursing home is an important job. The population in the home are vulnerable to COVID-19, therefore ensuring their safety by screening staff and visitors is important! Additionally, without the screening process, recreational and social visits would be unfeasible, which is very important to many residents and families.

What training did you receive?

For both locations, I shadowed a current screener, and another employee from Likas Nursing was present. I was educated on the appropriate procedures at each location and was sent updates throughout the summer for any changes that occurred via email.

What was the most important lesson you’ve learned from this experience?

The most important lesson I learned from this experience was the importance of being diligent and firm in the workplace. With such a vulnerable population at risk, each step of the screening process was equally important and had to be completed. Therefore, even if some individuals were impatient, or unwilling to comply, I had to continue to be meticulous and cordial for the safety of everyone.

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